AMD manufacture and provide medical devices in a format designed exclusively for one application, namely the production of aseptically manufactured parenterals.

It is the aim of AMD to ensure devices utilised in the manufacture of drugs are:

  • The best devices for the application and are made available to all scales of manufacturing
  • Optimally packaged for ease of QC, use and transfer into Isolators or LAF
  • Supported by industry leading validation and qualification

Packed devices and combinations are available from individual units right through to packs large enough to support bulk aseptic manufacture. All goods are manufactured in AMD’s dedicated Cleanrooms.

AMD provides optimised medical device transfer sets and accessories which include:

  • Syringes
  • Syringe Caps
  • Needles
  • Filters & Filter Needles
  • Linked Devices
  • Vial Access Devices
  • Customised Procedure Packs

At the heart of the products is one of our core areas of expertise: packaging.

AMD Packaging is made available in PeroxyClear and PeroxyMet making pre-use QC of the contents rapid and accurate.

Our pouches are manufactured in cleanroom facilities on site.

AMD Pouches are qualified and validated for gamma sterilisation and compatible with VHP, Alcohol and Hypochlorite/Hypochlorous Acid transfer processes.

AMD aims to supply all products in validated primary medical device pouches which are then placed in two further sterile barrier pouches within our cleanroom. This ensures compliance with current guidance and significantly improves the transfer time of devices into the manufacturing area.


For over 40 years, Riverside Medical Packaging has established itself at the forefront of the healthcare industry. We have increasingly developed intelligent and innovative solutions to satisfy the demanding requirements for producing, packaging and sterilising single use medical devices.

Riverside’s state-of-the-art 4,700 sq metre manufacturing facilities are tailor-made specifically for the manufacturing of medical packaging and products. It houses 10 Cleanrooms (two Class 8 and eight Class 7), each being either process or product specific. AMD / Riverside Medical Packaging is BSI accredited to ISO 13485.

Manufactured products and packed devices are 100% inspected. In addition they may be subjected to quality checks which are customer or product specific.

All orders received pass through our stringent contract review procedure to ensure that exact customer requirements are met. The company holds CE accreditation for Class I sterile devices and a number of Class IIa medical devices.