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Polyester Microfibre Mop with PU Foam

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InSpec™ Impregnated & Burstable Mops
ProductPack SizeRedditch CodeAMD Code
InSpec™ IPA Impregnated Mop2 Mops x 15IPAWFIMOP-2SMOPR02P
InSpec™ DE Impregnated Mop2 Mops x 15DEWFIMOP-2SMOPR02T
InSpec™ HA Burstable Mop2 Mops x 10HAPWMOP2SMOPR02H
InSpec™ OX Burstable Mop2 Mops x 10OXPWMOP2SMOPR02X
InSpec™ AN Burstable Mop2 Mops x 10ANWFIMOP2SMOPR02A
InSpec™ QT Burstable Mop2 Mops x 10QTWFIMOP2SMOPR02Q
InSpec™ QT+ Burstable Mop2 Mops x 10QTPLWFIMOP2SMOPR2QT
InSpec™ N10 Burstable Mop2 Mops x 10N10WFIMOP2SMOPR02N
InSpec™ N7 Burstable Mop2 Mops x 10N7WFIMOP2SMOPR02D

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Product information

This Polyester-Micorfibre Mop with felt medium to offer superb absorbency is designed for applying disinfectants to both horizontal and vertical surfaces, and is ideal for general cleaning and disinfection of ceiling, walls, and floors in the most critical environment. The microfibre material smoothly glides over floors and textured surfaces and provides superior contamination removal.


  • Knitted microfibre surface for good particle pick up
  • Constructed with felt medium for high absorbency
  • Ideal for cleaning and disinfection of Cleanrooms
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Light weight
  • Low levels of particles
  • Good gliding properties
  • Lot to Lot traceable
  • Sterile


  • Excellent for spill control and cleaning large surfaces
  • Compatible with most common detergents and disinfectants
  • Suitable for use in Grade A-D cleanrooms

Technical Data
Length: 398 mm (±5 mm)
Width: 122 mm (±5 mm)
Front material: Polyester-Microfiber
Backing material: Nylon
Absorbency capacity: >305ml/mop (>6280ml/m2)
Particles: IEST-RPcc003.2 Helke Drumtest <3500 counts per mop >0.5μm
Weight: 900g (+/- 0.045)

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