Sterile Disinfectants & Sporocides

InSpec™ AN

Sterile Diamine, Disinfectant Cleaner.
Low residue, QUAT-free disinfectant/cleaner, broad spectrum disinfectant.

Ordering information

InSpec™ AN Products
ProductPack SizeCase SizeRedditch CodeAMD Code
InSpec™ AN 900ml Trigger900ml Trigger Spray6 x 900mlANWFI20-1LSD06C90A
InSpec™ AN 5L Screw Cap5 Litre Screw Cap2 x 5LANWF120-5LSD02C00A
InSpec™ AN Concentrate100ml Screw Cap50 x 100mlANCNC20-100D50C01A

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Microbiological Minimum Efficacy Testing Contact
EN 1276 Bacteria5 minutes
EN 13697 Bacteria5 minutes
EN 1650 Fungi15 minutes
EN 13697 Fungi15 minutes

Product information

Use Instructions
InSpec™ AN is designed for spraying, wiping and mopping applications. Hold spray approximately 15cm to 20cm from area to be treated. 5L versions, pour into an appropriate container for mopping. 100ml concentrate added to 2.5L of water is required for mopping. Apply to surface to ensure complete coverage.

Technical Data
Alcohol, chlorine and QUAT-free disinfectant cleaner. 4% RTU Solution pH 8.8-9.2, Concentrate pH 10.0.

Store upright in original closed containers away from sunlight and extremes of temperature. Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is available in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).


  • An exceptional non-oxidising biocide
  • Bactericidal and Fungicidal
  • Clean and disinfects
  • 3 months validated ‘in-use’ shelf life
  • Contents protected using ‘bag-inbottle’ presentation with premium range
  • 1L and 5L formats manufactured with WFI quality water
  • Multiple bags for cleanroom transfer
  • Ideal rotational partner for InSpec™ QT, InSpec™ HA and InSpec™ OX
  • Manufactured to GMP

Safe Handling
Always wear gloves and goggles or face protection. Always read the label and SDS before use.

Material Compatibility
Application of solutions, when used as directed, will not affect materials normally encountered in the cleanroom. See compatibility information in the Technical File.

Technical User Information
InSpec™ AN is a sterile disinfectant in pre-diluted and concentrated formats. InSpec AN is manufactured to GMP in an ISO 6 cleanroom. The product is filled and capped in an ISO class 5 environment.

The solution is filtered through a 0.2 micron filter and gamma irradiated to a validated process (at 25-45kGy) to give a sterility assurance level SAL of 10-6.

Trigger sprays supplied with 900ml solution in a 1L container.

InSpec™ AN is supplied with Certificates of Conformity, Analysis, Irradiation and Sterility.

All formats of InSpec™ AN have a stabilised 24 month shelf life.

For screw cap bottles use the entire contents after opening.

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Triple Packed
All our pouched devices are supplied with 3 sterile barrier pouches, meeting both the current guidance and enabling a more rapid transfer of devices.

Triple Cycle VHP Impermeable. AMD’s pouches are constructed from a unique alcohol, VHP and sporicide impermeable crystal clear film which is suitable for all transfer methods.

Batch specific Certificates of Conformity and Irradiation are supplied with goods and obtainable on this website (contact AMD customer care to receive a login and password on [email protected]).

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