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Two-Way Fluid Connector

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Two-Way Fluid ConnectorQuantity per Pouch
Two-way fluid connector/adapter (female to female) fully cappedZ05A02CZ10A02CZ25A02C

Product information

Aseptic Medical Devices offer a fully capped, two-way fluid connector format exclusively for aseptic manipulation. This Luer-lock connector is in femalefemale format and constructed from polycarbonate.

Easy to grip and hold, the adapter is ideal for changing Luer gender or connecting two male devices together e.g. syringe to syringe.

The two-way adapter is provided capped at both ends to ensure fluid pathway integrity and ease of manipulation. All packs of this product are CE marked.

AMD are always able to offer bespoke pack solutions such as different quantities per pouch or combinations of devices to meet specific procedure requirements bringing flexibility and scalability to any manufacturing process.

The sterile transfer sets utilise triple packing using Aseptic Medical Devices’ own specialist pouch: PeroxyMet / PeroxyClear.

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Triple Packed
All our pouched devices are supplied with 3 sterile barrier pouches, meeting both the current guidance and enabling a more rapid transfer of devices.

Triple Cycle VHP Impermeable. AMD’s pouches are constructed from a unique alcohol, VHP and sporicide impermeable crystal clear film which is suitable for all transfer methods.

Batch specific Certificates of Conformity and Irradiation are supplied with goods and obtainable on this website (contact AMD customer care to receive a login and password on [email protected]).

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AMD specialises in customised packs to meet aseptic procedural needs.

If there is a combination or quantity of components you do not see offered on this website, please contact us to discuss your requirements.