Vial Access

BD Smartsite™ Vented Vial Access Devices

The SmartSite™ vented vial access device works with all luer lock syringes to enable safe drug transfer from vial to syringe. The SmartSite™ needle-free valve enables multiple connections (qualified for up to 200) and the novel shrouded spike design ensures easy attachment and superior vial connection security with standard 13mm and 20mm vials.


Codan Vented Universal Vial Access Devices

The Codan vial access device works with standard luer lock syringes providing a system that allows safe access to vials. In both designs the 0.2 micron hydrophobic air-vent filter neutralises vial pressure, minimising aerosols from rubber stoppered multi-dose vials where aerosolising of hazardous material is a potential risk.