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Shawseal TS2 Touchscreen Pneumatic Pouch Sealer

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Product Information

On the TS2, seal temperature, pressure and dwell time settings can all be altered. Operation will not be allowed until the set-points have been reached. Settings can only be varied via a PIN-protected screen, giving an added layer of security to the operation.

Within the touchscreen interface are a number of useful tools including batch and master counters and a 'calibration due' and 'calibration expired' notification as well as the ability to 'data-log' every seal actuation. Once activated, the seal temperature, pressure and dwell time are logged along with a time and machine serial number stamp. This data can then be exported out as a spreadsheet allowing the TS2 and its sealing process to be comprehensively and reliably validated.

There are a wide choice of options available offering bespoke customisation to individual requirements. The units are finished in stainless steel or powder coated making them ideal for cleanroom or laboratory settings.

Three sizes of unit are available starting with the Shawseal PPS300-TS2 which can accommodate sealing widths up to 320mm. For widths up to 420 / 520mm Shawseal PPS400-TS2 AND PPS500-TS2 are the solution. Units can be supplied for bench mounting or complete with stand.

Standard Seal Profiles

(Below) Examples of the broad textured seal produced by the Shawseal.