AMD Sterile Transfer Sets & Accessories

Syringe Closure Combi-Stoppers
Formatted for Aseptic Pharmacy

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Formatted for Aseptic Manipulation

Pre-connected in 'rods' - ensuring the fluid pathway of the Luer connector is always protected by the next combi-stopper. making individual removal, one at a time, safe and secure. NB - As a safety measure the final discardable white cap will not connect to a Syringe.

Closure Qualification

Shelf Life

The AMD Red Combi-stopper has been both CE marked and qualified for a 3 year shelf-life post gamma sterilisation.

Dye Intrusion Testing

Structural integrity as a syringe closure was qualified on all BD Syringe sizes via dye intrusion testing in accordance with the 'yellow cover document'.

Biological Challenge Testing

Biological impermeability confirmed (100% Integrity) via total immersion integrity qualification (90 day challenge) using B. diminuta.