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Shawseal TS2 Touchscreen Pneumatic Pouch Sealer

On the TS2, seal temperature, pressure and dwell time settings can all be altered. Operation will not be allowed until the set-points have been reached. Settings can only be varied via a PIN-protected screen, giving an added layer of security to the operation. Within the touchscreen interface are a number of useful tools including batch and master counters and a 'calibration due' and 'calibration expired' notification as well as the ability to 'data-log' every seal actuation.


AMD Stainless Steel (316L) Needle
De-sheath/Re-sheath Device

Designed and manufactured by AMD this device is manufactured from 316L stainless steel in once piece. This allows pharmacy technicians to more safely remove and replace needle sheaths freeing the operator from close proximity to the needle.