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B Braun Syringe Range
Formatted for Aseptic Pharmacy

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B Braun Injekt® syringes are a 2-piece syringe made from polypropylene/polyethylene. AMD have validated both Luer Lock and Luer Slip, concentric connector variations of the syringe. The barrel is highly transparent with contrasting black graduations. They are supplied with a green plunger and the barrel incorporates a plunger back stop. Injekt® syringes are latex, PVC and silicone oil free.

The 01ml Injekt-F® syringe is a concentric Luer Slip tip with a fine graduation also benefiting from all the same features of the standard Injekt® syringe range.

All syringes are supplied with the fluid pathway protected and in the standard pack sizes. These syringes are also available for inclusion in custom procedure packs.