AMD Sterile Transfer Sets & Accessories

Terumo Syringes

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Terumo luer lock syringes are manufactured from gamma stable polymer, offering a highly transparent barrel with clear scale markings to enable precise measurement. The syringes benefit from an ergonomic finger design and a double contact gasket for an airtight seal plus advanced siliconistation for smooth plunger movement.

Terumo syringes are supplied in their original paper-free packaging, ensuring the fluid pathway is protected up to the point of being opened within the critical production area.

The whole range of products are CE marked and certified under ISO13485.

AMD are always able to offer bespoke pack solutions such as different quantities per pouch or combinations of devices to meet specific procedure requirements bringing flexibility and scalability to any manufacturing process.

The sterile transfer sets utilise Aseptic Medical Devices' own specialist pouch: PeroxyMet/PeroxyClear - a purpose designed pouch for aseptic area use - the pouch is Alcohol, VHP and oxidising sporicide impermeable, yet transparent with a contrasting background for easy pre-use QC.