Part Nos: X01B01A (Standard) and X01B01B (Lightweight version)

AMD Stainless Steel (316L)
Needle De-sheath/Re-sheath Device

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Designed and manufactured by AMD this device is manufactured from 316L stainless steel in once piece. This allows pharmacy technicians to more safely remove and replace needle sheaths freeing the operator from close proximity to the needle.

Suitable for left and right handed use. Product is supplied ultrasonically cleanroom cleaned, non-sterile in a polyethylene bag. Registered design No. 4040973.



Fig 1: The sheathed needle, having been attached to the syringe, is inserted into one of the four diamond shaped apertures.

Fig 2: (a) The de/re-sheathing device is then rotated with the non-syringe hand away from the operator.

This grips the sheath, enabling the needle to be withdrawn from the sheath by:

(b) Clockwise rotation of the syringe/needle.

Re-sheathing of the needle is the reverse operation i.e. grip the needle sheath, replace needle and rotate syringe/needle anti-clockwise.